Frequently Asked Questions

O365Who controls the Rights Management Settings?
O365Why do I need to be signed in?
O365Can I add Office 365 to my personal device?
O365Can I collaborate without internet access?
OneDriveWhat are my file limits?
OneDriveHow do other users get notified when I share a OneDrive file with them?
OneDriveWill the OneDrive mobile application take up storage space on my mobile device?
OneDriveAre files encrypted on OneDrive?
OneDriveOneDrive versioning, are versions incremental or full sized?
OneNoteHow do I create a new OneNote Notebook?
OneNoteHow do I delete a Notebook?
OneNoteHow do I share a Notebook?
OneNoteCan I e-mail OneNote directly?
OneNoteHow can I lock an item on OneNote?
OneNoteHow do we share a OneNote file?
OneNoteCan you add notes to audio to show during playback?
OneNoteHow long can you record audio/video in OneNote?
OneNoteHow to send audio/video from OneNote as attachement in email?
OutlookHow do I create and send new emails?
OutlookHow do I respond to an email?
OutlookHow do I create an email signature?
OutlookHow do I assign users a category color?
OutlookHow do I send secure emails to users outside of Outlook?
OutlookHow do I set message sensitivity?
OutlookHow do I send secure emails using RMS?
OutlookHow do I use delivery and read receipts?
OutlookHow do I create a calendar meeting?
OutlookHow do I create a meeting from an existing email?
OutlookHow do I set up a shared calendar?
OutlookHow do I create a task?
OutlookHow do I assign a task to others?
OutlookWhat are my Email file size limits?
OutlookHow do I restore Deleted Folder's deleted items?
OutlookWill updating to Outlook 2013 affect my current Outlook account?
OutlookCan you allow a person you are sharing your calendar with only be allowed to view certain appointments & meetings and block others?
OutlookDo the RMS permissions work with a non-Outlook e-mail recipient?
OutlookHow to turn on threaded conversation view
OutlookAre middle initials mandatory for email?
OutlookWhat is the message rate limit in minutes?
OutlookWhat is/are the recipients rate limit/sending limits?
OutlookWhat is the recipient limit (This is the maximum number of recipients allowed in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields for a single email message.) ?
OutlookWhat is the received message maximum size?
OutlookWhat is the sent message maximum size?
SharePointWhat are my file limits?
SkypeHow do I set up a Skype for Business Meeting?
SkypeHow do I transfer an ongoing call?